Five Quick and Easy Winter Activities for Middle School Math

For Upper Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

5 quick and easy winter activities for middle school and upper elementary classes.

You’ve only got a week or so before the winter break begins….and schedule changes mean you’ll miss a couple classes during that time. You’ve finished the current topic, and there’s not enough time to fit in another unit. You know that sometimes kids have trouble staying on-task at this time of year, as they are looking forward to break!
But you don’t want to waste class time ….

So what do you work on? What are some fun, but academic winter activities for middle school math class (or other classes) to help the students keep practicing and learning?
I’ve got a few quick ideas for you.

Easy Winter Activities for Middle School

Free winter word creation activity.

1) Try this free winter word creation activity, which combines math and language arts. Students find other words within “Winter Holidays” and then find the value of each word, using the assigned letter values. Just click the image to download.

​2) Logic puzzles are always fun – this one is a winter-themed logic puzzle. Students need to figure out people’s favorite winter activity and food/drink.

Multi-digit division color by number with a winter theme.

3) Find the price of all the items in the 12 Days of Christmas!4) Holiday or winter-themed color by numbers.
The color by number activity pictured here focuses on math review for 5th and 6th grades, and I have several other color by number activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers store that have a holiday/winter/new year theme. Some focus on specific topics and some are mixed review.

5) Footloose task cards with mixed review. This task card activity is intended for grades 4-6 and includes: 

  • ​problem solving
  • two-digit multiplication
  • decimal multiplication and division
  • division with single and two-digit divisors
  • addition and subtraction of large numbers and money
  • elapsed time
  • conversion of fraction to time 
  • comparing fractions question

What other quick and easy winter activities do your upper elementary and middle school math students enjoy?

Looking for some fall activities? Check out the Fall Activities post.


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